Horizon 2020. Invito a presentare proposte "partenariato pubblico-privato per le bioindustrie"

Scade il 6 settembre 2018, l'invito a presentare proposte "partenariato pubblico-privato per le bioindustrie" del pilastro "Leadership industriale" del programma Horizon 2020.

Il bando è stato pubblicato sulla Gazzetta ufficiale dell'Unione europea serie C 128 dell'11 aprile 2018 e copre i seguenti temi:

  • BI.2018.SO1.D1: Improve the logistical and pre-processing steps of locally sourced biomass to serve as feedstock for the bio-based industry
  • BI.2018.SO1.D2: Find solutions to dilution, pollution and content diversity challenges to turn mixed urban bio-waste (1) into sustainable feedstock for the bio-based industry
  • BBI.2018.SO1.R1: Resolve logistical, infrastructural and technological challenges to valorise residual and side streams from aquaculture, fisheries and the aquatic biomass processing industries
  • BBI.2018.SO2.D3: Valorise sugars from the cellulosic and/or hemicellulosic fractions of lignocellulosic biomass
  • BBI.2018.SO2.R2: Develop techniques and systems to improve the performance of biocatalysts
  • BBI.2018.SO2.R3: Introduce new technologies to make pulping operations more resource-efficient
  • BBI.2018.SO2.R4: Apply advanced biotechnologies to convert biomass that contains inhibitors into high value-added chemicals and materials 
  • BBI.2018.SO2.R5: Develop innovative single-step processes for conversion of a biomass feedstock into multiple readily usable intermediate streams
  • BBI.2018.SO2.R6: Apply emerging breakthrough technologies to improve existing value chains
  • BBI.2018.SO2.R7: Electrochemical processes for bio-based monomers and polymers
  • BBI.2018.SO2.R8: Develop adequate computational systems for modelling the design, start-up, scaling-up and continuous improvement of bioprocesses involving microorganisms
  • BBI.2018.SO3.D4: Produce biopesticides or bio-based fertilisers as components of sustainable agricultural management plans (1)
  • BBI.2018.SO3.D5: Produce sustainable and cost-efficient high-performance functional ingredients from alternative sources
  • BBI.2018.SO3.F1: Produce on a large scale competitive bio-based building blocks, polymers and materials that outperform existing alternatives in identified market applications
  • BBI.2018.SO3.F2: Large-scale production of proteins for food and feed applications from alternative, sustainable sources
  • BBI.2018.SO3.R10: Develop bio-based packaging products that are biodegradable/ compostable and/or recyclable
  • BBI.2018.SO3.R11: Develop technologies and systems to produce bio-based aromatics that outperform fossil-based counterparts
  • BBI.2018.SO3.R9: Develop functional molecules for bio-based coatings outperforming existing products and meeting market requirements
  • BI.2018.SO4.S1: Benefit from previous and current work to create a coherent and stimulating ‘environment’ for a sustainable bio-based industry in Europe
  • BI.2018.SO4.S2: Expand the bio-based industry across Europe
  • BI.2018.SO4.S3: Identify opportunities to promote careers, education and research activities in the European bio-based industry

Il piano di lavoro, comprese le scadenze e i bilanci delle attività, è disponibile tramite il portale web dei partecipanti  unitamente alle informazioni sulle modalità dell’invito e attività correlate e alle indicazioni sulle modalità per la presentazione delle proposte. Tutte le informazioni saranno aggiornate secondo le necessità sul portale web dei partecipanti.

Data : 
11 Aprile, 2018
Data fine: 
6 Settembre, 2018